Thursday, June 5, 2014

waiting room

Sometimes I think if "this" happened, I would be more compassionate. Or if I had "this" I would be a better person.
Apparently I am in need of an item to be become "whole." There is this fixation of not being complete....and I don't think it has to do with missing something. It has to do with my current status, my current being. 
I am aware I need something else. It just so happens to be Jesus, but He's never my first choice. 

"Cuz I know you’re God
And you hold the key and you could get me out of here in a moment
And that’s just the deal you aren’t getting me anywhere but here"

I guess there is good in writing (or typing) things out. I've come across many themes of "waiting" And I realized I've been waiting....for someone, something. And this waiting has been in vain, because the person I need to seek has no waiting room. There is no need to wait when I have access to Jesus...

"Cuz more than the answer, I need You

Cuz more than the answer, I need YouIf this is what it takes to talk to You, let it be"

Misty Edwards- Waiting Room 

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